Weather for Dummies


  • Find out the secrets of forecasting the weather
  • Look inside tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards
  • Understand global warming

Weather: A hot topic any time of year

Are you fascinated by fog, thrilled by thunder, or baffled by blizzards? Discover how these and other meteorological events happen in this handy guide. Weather For Dummies explains the phenomenal forces behind jet streams, clouds, storms, El Niño, and everything else we refer to as weather. Including more than 100 photos, maps, and drawings, this book helps you evaluate and understand what’s going on outside your window. You’ll also find experiments and activities you can do at home to bring weather wonders to life before your eyes.


  • Identify different cloud types
  • Understand climate vs. weather
  • Find out how hurricanes and tornadoes form
  • Get the facts on wind, atmosphere, and temperature
  • Avoid danger from severe weather
  • Discover how rainbows, mirages, and sun beams appear


Author: John D Cox

Publisher: For Dummies

Publication date: 20 January 2021

Language: English

ISBN: 1119806771

EAN: 9781119806776

Binding: Paperback

Size: 2.03 cms H x 23.50 cms L x 19.10 cms W (0.66 kgs) 384 pages


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