The Hardware Hacking Handbook: Breaking Embedded Security with Hardware Attacks


Hardware attacks on embedded systems explained by experts in the field. Explore topics like the embedded system threat model, hardware interfaces, various side channel and fault injection attacks (such as timing attacks, simple power analysis, and differential power analysis), as well as voltage and clock glitching.


The Hardware Hacking Handbook is a deep dive into hardware attacks on embedded systems, perfect for anyone interested in designing, analyzing, and attacking devices. You’ll start with a crash course in embedded systems and threats to them, as well as hardware interfaces and how to set up a test lab, all while learning invaluable theoretical background. Real-life examples and hands-on labs throughout allow you to explore hardware interfaces and complete various side channel or fault attacks on real devices. You’ll learn fault injection attacks and methods like voltage glitching, clock glitching, and optical and electromagnetic fault injection, side channel power analysis, and differential fault analysis.


Author: Jasper Van Woudenberg

Publisher: No Starch Press

Publication date: 26 October 2021

Language: English

ISBN: 1593278748

EAN: 9781593278748

Binding: Paperback

Size: 312 pages


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